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About – NZLA Etho is a selective herbicide that can be used on Tall Fescue and Perennial Rye lawns as both a pre and post-emergent. This means it can be applied to your lawn at 40ml per 100m2 in 4-5 litres of water and left to dry on the lawn for post-emergent benefits, or follow the application with 3-5mm of irrigation for pre-emergent properties.

Do NOT use this product on Fine Fescue lawns as it will kill your lawn. Tall Fescue can get knocked back slightly in some situations, but the best way to combat this is to ensure your lawn is healthy and actively growing prior to application. Do not apply close to a PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) application.

Pre-emergent – When seeding a new 100% Perennial Rye lawn or 100% Tall Fescue lawn, Etho can be used as a pre-emergent at the time of seeding. This must be done before the seed begins to germinate. The product will not stop the new lawn seed from germinating, but will prevent Poa seeds and some other foreign grass seeds from germinating. The application rate is 40ml in 4-5L of water for every 100m2. When applied as a pre-emergent follow up with 3-5mm of irrigation to get the product on the soil. This product can also be tank mixed with NZLA Meso for the ultimate pre-emergent control. If introducing top dressing apply Etho/Meso over the top of the new layer of material.

Post-emergent application – Etho can be applied to 100% Perennial Rye lawns or 100% Tall Fescue lawns at the rate of 40ml per 100m2 in 4 – 5L of water.

We recommend waiting 4 weeks after seed germination before applying Etho as a post-emergent herbicide, particularly if spraying Tall Fescue.

Etho is an active pre-emergent through absorption by the emerging shoots of grass weeds and by the roots of broadleaved weeds soon after germination.

Susceptible weeds include: Annual Poa (also known as Poa Anna), Chickweed, Cleavers, Fumitory, Redroot Sow, Thistle, Spurrey Summer Grass, and Wild Portulaca. This product is mainly used for its ability to control Annual Poa and Summer Grass.

Annual Poa in Rye & Tall Fescue lawns – Apply at 40ml per 100m2 in 4-5L of water for every 100m2. Immediately after the application, follow up with 3-5mm of irrigation. This acts as a pre-emergent barrier for any further Poa seed germination (Poa is a prolific seeder). Fourteen days after the initial application do a repeat application using the same rates – only this time allow the product to dry on the foliage. You will get the best results following this method.

Keep pets and children off any treated areas until dry or ideally 24 hours.

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