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NZLA Charger

NZLA Charger


NZLA Charger enhances your lawn colour, is formulated to promote lateral growth and contains a unique blend of macro and micro nutrients. Charger also includes plant hormone growth promoters. These growth promoters maximise the plant’s development potential resulting in more rapid establishment, grow in, or recovery from damage and renovations.


Potassium (K) is often referred to as a turf toughener that improves stress tolerance in the plant. When used in conjunction with Nitrogen which promotes cell growth, Potassium strengthens the cell walls, hardening them to stresses such as disease and wear. This is why Charger is used as part of the NZLA Winter application guide.

Charger can also help with Iron deficiency which can present as yellowing seen on the leaves, yellowing is first visible on the newer upper leaves. Advanced iron deficiencies cause leaves to turn completely yellow and brown as the leaves die. Charger can be tank mixed with NZLA Iron+ when extra Iron is required.

Foliar Application

If following the NZLA application guide use 200ml in 4-10L of water for every 100m2. For the best results, use a knapsack sprayer. 

Increasing this application rate to a maximum of 500ml in 4-10L of water is possible. Water is a delivery mechanism, so don’t get caught up on the water ratio; use the correct amount for your area. 

Mixing & Application 

Charger is a foliar feeding product, do not water after application for a minimum of 6 hours. Mowing should be avoided for 24 hours after application.

Charger can be used from the second tillering stage (production of side shoots) of new turf plants, this is approximately two weeks after germination in most situations.

Charger can be applied every 14-28 day or as required.


Over winter, keep Charger warm to prevent crystallising in the bottle. Bring bottles in from the garden shed. If you find it has crystallised, fill a sink with 40mm of hot water and stand the bottle up in the water to warm it slightly. This will dissolve the crystals; if you give it a good shake, it’ll be good to use.

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