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NZLA Dew Shield 500ml

NZLA Dew Shield 500ml

Dew Shield is a long-lasting moisture control product specifically formulated to prevent surface moisture on turf grass, including dew, guttation and frost. Prevent turf diseases by keeping moisture off the leaf surface, reducing the need for fungicides.

Dew Shield reduces the time required for leaf drying following rainfall, irrigation and light frost, and it's ideal on any turf where dry foliage is desired. No more waiting all day for dew to go so you can mow your lawn.
Dew Shield forms a water-resistant coating on the leaf surface - because of this, mowing frequency and rate of new leaf emergence may influence the duration of moisture suppression.

The water ratio used is essential and can vastly change the performance. Do not apply in a higher water volume than 6L per 100m2. The product ratio should be 1.5% of the water volume. For example:
60ml Dew Shield = 4L of water for every 100m2
75ml Dew Shield = 5L of water for every 100m2
Max rate 90ml Dew Shield = 6L of water for every 100m2

Apply to dry turf and allow 1-2 hours for turf to dry; irrigation will wash the product off the plant before this, resulting in poor performance.
Application frequency: For turf mowed 3-7 times a week, Dew Shield can be applied every 14 days. For turf mowed less than two times a week, use monthly. Do not apply more than once in 14 days.

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