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NZLA Liquid Boost

NZLA Liquid Boost

NZLA Liquid Boost – a solution designed to enhance the vibrancy of your lawn. Comparable to a performance-enhancing supplement, Liquid Boost acts as a catalyst for lush, verdant grass on your property. This application is particularly advantageous when scheduled 5-7 days ahead of social gatherings or events, leaving an indelible impression on your guests.

At the core of this system is “Liquid Boost”, a foliar product tailored for direct leaf application. To ensure optimal results, abstain from mowing your lawn for a minimum of 24 hours following the application.

The recommended utilisation ratio stands at 200-400mL per 100m². Dilute Liquid Boost in a minimum of 5L of water and administer directly onto the leaf surface of your lawn using a knapsack sprayer. Caution is advised to prevent any incidental contact of Liquid Boost with paving or cement, as such contact may result in staining.

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