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Triumph Gold Herbicide

Triumph Gold Herbicide

This is the best weed killer (herbicide) for your lawn, it control the widest range of lawn weeds. Lawn herbicide on steroids.
Triumph Gold is a broad spectrum herbicide and will kill a wide range of weeds. This includes but is not limited to: chickweed, clovers, daisy, dandelion, hydrocotyle, mallow, mayweed, nettles, onehunga weed, oxalis (creeping), parsley piert, plantain, pearlwort, penny royal, ragwort, shepherd’s purse, sorrel, storksbill, thistles, twin cress, wireweed and many more.

Some weeds such as buttercup, selfheal, and yarrow will be suppressed, but not always killed. Perennial species such as Californian thistle may require repeat treatment.

Use Triumph Gold any time of the year but the best results will occur in spring or early summer when weeds are fresh and growing vigorously. Avoid drift onto desirable plant species, including small shrubs and trees, as serious damage may occur. For newly-sown grass, wait till the turf is well established. This will be between 6 and 12 months after sowing.
Maintaining a vigorous turf by adequate watering and a good fertiliser programme will help suppress weed establishment. Available in 1L, and 5L.

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